Ladybower Dam

This is the second lot of pictures from our epic walk around Ladybower Dam in the Peak District. The first picture I shared was “the three hikers” which you can find HERE. I have lots more images to go through so I doubt this will be the last you hear from this beautiful place so keep checking back for more!


I wanted to feature the image below because when you really look at it you can see mans destruction of nature and them trying to put it right. Only a few trees survived the initial cull and they still stand proud within the fences put up all around them as time evolved. However you can see changes happening all around in the new trees being planted to replace the old. Does this image show mans mistakes and there effort to put it right?


If you look very closely at this picture ↓ you can see two people having a picnic… Can you see them? let me know if you can in the comments below!


For more information on the history of Ladybower Dam click HERE

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