10 Gift ideas for your vintage loving girl this valentines day

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So valentines day is fast approaching which means it's time to start shopping. Don't panic if it's got you thinking WHAT THE HELL DO I BUY??  I'm here to help.

I've found ten cool ideas to get you started. They may not be totally perfect for your girl, but they might give you an idea for something that is. 

I've tried to cover all bases. I've got stuff for the fashion lover, music lover and the jewellery lover and I've put all the links in the post so you can go directly to the shop to buy if you want to. 

My favourite thing has to be the coco pops lip balm I mean who wouldn't want that?  it's epic! Perfect way to get a few extra smooches on the big day too 😉  

Take a gander through the list below and see if you get some inspiration and let me know if you do!  






Modern Mixtape, USB




USB Mixtape 


Buy Here









Steepletone Heartbeat

1960s Retro Style

Portable Radio £29.99

Buy Here






banned vintage handbag




Banned New Romantics

Handbag £32.99

Buy Here










 Rose gold infinity heart

bracelet £63.00

Buy Here







Retro Sweets





A great British retro

Sweet Box £24.99

Buy Here







VHS Movie Print





Personalised Favourite VHS

Movie Print £25.00

Buy Here







original rose heart drop chain necklace




 Rose Heart Drop Chain

Necklace £28.00

Buy Here







coco pops lip balm




Kellogg's Coco Pops

Chocolate Lip Balm £2.99

Buy Here

(You don't really need an excuse to smooch on valentines day but this was too awesome to pass up!)







Flower Cocktail Statement Earrings




Flower Cocktail Statement

Earrings £21.95

Buy Here










LEVI'S Customised Denim

Jacket £35.00

Buy Here


Thanks for reading Kirsty x

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