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Family Photography Nottingham - Portrait of a Beautiful young girl and her brother hugging

A little bit of background information:

Back in April, I was lucky enough to be a part of a mentoring session with the amazing Nina Mace. Nina is one of the top family photographers in the UK and I was thrilled when the opportunity of attending one of her courses in my hometown came about.

I'd heard amazing things from my photographer friends about how much they'd improved in just one day with Nina's guidance, so I HAD to go because who wouldn't want to learn from one of the best? 

During the session

During the session Nina not only taught us how to find the best light but how to use it to our advantage, she used a brilliant sun tracking app that showed exactly where the sun was at certain times of the day so we could avoid harsh light easily by position the model somewhere different. Nina also gave us hints and tips throughout the day which was invaluable, small changes can make a lot of difference! 

Light is so important in photography probably more important than anything else.. Did you know that photography means painting with light in greek? This is why your photographer will suggest certain times of day for your session, you'll get the best light if you're out in late afternoon/early evening as the sun is setting. It can be a pain to be out at this time with little ones because of routines but I promise you the results will be worth it! 

Family Photography Nottingham - Close up of a beautiful young girl
Family Photography Nottingham - Portrait of a Beautiful young girl
Family Photography Nottingham - Portrait of a Beautiful young girl

What next?

Personally, I think it's extremely important to continue learning throughout my photography journey, I definitely want to attend another course with Nina in the future if she comes back to the midlands. I feel as though I can confidently take everything I learned on that day and use it in my portrait sessions. I understand light in much greater detail now and will be taking full advantage of the sun tracker app on my future shoots. It's too good not too! 

My favorite images from the day are included in this post I had a tough time whittling the numbers down because I loved them all so much. Let me know what you think in the comments below! 


To see more of Nina's work or to book a mentoring session click HERE and to find out more about my portrait sessions click HERE.

Family Photography Nottingham - Black and white portrait image of a little boy

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