Happy Mothers Day

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Mothers Day Banner with two flowers simple but cute

Happy mothers day! I thought I'd use my blog this week to say a massive thank you to all the mums, step mums, foster mums, adoptive mums, grandmothers and dad's that are mum and dad.

I hope you all have a fabulous day and get pampered like queens, don't forget to take lots of pictures special days like these deserve to be captured.


I thought I'd share a little about my mum and grandmothers in this post along with my own personal mothers day message: 

My Mum

My Grandmothers

my mother and I

My mum is crazy awesome, she's my glamours assistant on some of my shoots and all of my weddings.

Everyone loves her and she has a heart of gold, I get my fangirl craziness from her. Don't believe me? You should see her Phil Collins scrapbook collection!

So happy mothers day to my crazy lovely mum.

I'm sorry I drive you nuts most of the time 🤣 enjoy your day xxx

My nan has proved you can do anything if you just put your mind to it. She's driving again after a long break and she's loving it.

Happy mothers day Nan, I'm so proud of how you've embraced your independence in the last year.

I hope you have a fab day love you xx

A picture of my nan with a sign I brought her

My nanny Nora was the strongest woman I've ever met, she taught all of her grandkids so much and continues to through our parents, aunts and uncles. My favourite memory is doing Jager shots with her on her 80th birthday. Who can say they did that with there nan!

Happy mothers day Nan we'll have a drink in your honour today. <3

I'd love to see your pictures in the comments on Facebook!


Kirsty xx

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