An Interview With Claire’s Sweet Temptations

One of my closest friends is an amazing bespoke wedding cake creator. So I thought I'd bend her ear for a little advice for anyone planning there upcoming wedding. Claire has won multiple awards for her pieces and from personal experience I know her cakes taste as good as they look. 

So now I'll hand over to Claire tell you a little more about her business. 

1. How did you get into the wedding cake business?
I don't remember making the conscious decision to go into wedding cakes. I started with regular cakes, and got asked if I did weddings. I decided to say yes, and haven't looked back.

2. Why is a wedding cake important?
It's the most photographed thing after the happy couple and THE dress! Having a cake at the centre of major celebrations has happened throughout history. Try and imagine a wedding without the cake, impossible isn't it?

3. How far in advance can I and should I book my cake?
As soon as possible. Really as soon as you have a date and start looking for venues, start looking for a cake designer too. We get booked up quickly. A good cake designer won't need exact numbers and a final design at the beginning. I just need date, place and a rough idea of what you have in mind. You'll know if the wedding will be for 50 or 500, so that ballpark figure is enough to get started. Get that deposit paid to secure your date, then work out the details.

4. Why do wedding cakes cost what they do?
Basically because they are bigger and more elaborate than any other cake. Having said that I've done Birthday cakes costing as much. I've also done wedding cakes that are less than some birthday cakes. A good cake designer won't charge more just because it's a wedding. And those who do, shouldn't! It's something that makes me cross. I price a cake according to the size, if it's sponge or fruit, the work involved and the delivery distance. Not the occasion.

5. Do you prefer traditional cakes or individual ones?
That's a tough one. I prefer pretty to novelty, when I have free reign. But saying that, I'll do whatever the client wants. I've done a Death Star for a wedding before. And a rather interesting skull/ducks/hunting combo that I took from Cornwall to Norfolk.

6. What is your favourite thing about your job?
The creativity, and the artistry. I also adore making flowers, I can make those all day. I also love the fact that cakes make people happy, and it's a privilege to do wedding cakes. I take that very seriously. It's never just another cake, it's someone's wedding cake.

7. Why should someone choose a small business over a larger one?
We all shop large. I do it too, it's a necessary evil. But shopping small for things you'd like to be special is the best way to get exactly what you want. And off the shelf isn't always cheaper. I priced up a certain chain who do off the shelf wedding cakes. Where you had to stack and arrange them yourself, and they were half the depth. Mine cost less, and I do the stacking and staging. Shopping small helps your community much more than the big chains.

If you'd like to know more about Claire and her yummy cakes just click HERE.


P.S Now I really want cake!!!!

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