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At the beginning of the month, I was lucky enough to document my best friends wedding. Most people will probably think I'm a little crazy for taking on the photography as well as being a bridesmaid but when she asked I couldn't say no because let's face it who wouldn't do as much as they can for their friend on their big day? 

Thank you, Natalie & Daniel, for allowing me to document your big day I enjoyed every minute! 

The Sunrise Swim


Yes, you read that correctly a sunrise swim. Natalie is a fitness enthusiast and wanted to start her day off in the most relaxing way possible and to her, that's watching the sun rise on Sea Palling beach whilst having a morning dip. 

I didn't get my feet wet but I did go down in my PJs with a cup of coffee and my camera to take some pictures and I'm so glad I did. Look at that sun rise I mean can you think of a better way to start your wedding day? Minus the swimming of course. Brrrr 


The Details

Natalie worked painstakingly hard for a year on all her decorations as she wanted them to be a true reflection of her and her future husband. As you can see from the images their wedding was truly unique. 

From table decorations with a skull and hunting theme to rainbow flowers in shot gun cartridges and corsages, no detail was left to chance she had a plan and she ran with it and it looked fantastic.  

Before The Ceremony

Before the ceremony and after a quick nap on the sofa the bride myself and the other bridesmaids went to get our hair and makeup done at a local salon.  After a few hours of pampering, we headed back to the house to get ready for the ceremony... I'm not going to lie by this point we were running slightly late and we were running around like mad women trying to get ready on time but we made it and once the bride was successfully in her dress it was time to show her dad. His reaction was probably my favorite part of the day he was so overcome with emotion and he shared a beautiful moment with his youngest daughter. 

At The Ceremony Venue

The bride traveled to the ceremony at Norwich Castle in a Land Rover whilst the wedding party caught two mini buses from the reception venue. It was fun to be with everyone and to listen to the banter on the bus. Lee and Sian were especially entertaining 😉 

Once the bride arrived there was just enough time to get a few shots outside the venue before we headed in for the ceremony. I think everyone got butterflies at this point, not just the beautiful bride. Who knew walking down a small isle could be so nerve-wracking! 

The Ceremony



"I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes." - Anon 

The Romantic Portrait Session

The romantic portrait session was held in the grounds of Norwich castle. I loved taking these images I had so much fun with Natalie and Daniel even though both were nervous of the camera they did really well! 

Daniel was especially naughty at points during this part of the session... It's okay Natalie I've got the outtakes for you! 

East Midlands Wedding Photographer - Bride and Groom smiling at the camera during their wedding day
East Midlands Wedding Photographer - Black and white picture of bride and groom. Bride is laughing as the groom looks at her.

The Groups

The Evening

So we're coming to the end of your little look into Natalie and Daniel's big day but it's party time! 

After the first dance and the cake cut the party got into full swing, lots of fun was had dancing the night away and once the kids got off of the bouncy castle the big kids got on, trust me that was a little crazy! 


Behind The Scenes

I was lucky enough to have Nat's lovely friend Basia helping me on the day, she got some brilliant behind the scenes pictures of me at work. How cool is my dress!! I loved it. I wish I could dress like this for work every day. 


Brides Dress: Fairytale Gowns Stalham 

Bridesmaids Dresses: Pocket Watch & Petticoats 

Hair: Killah Hair

Cake: Claires Sweet Temptations 

Make-Up:  Samantha Mowle 

Flowers: Natalie's aunt Carole made the beautiful flowers if you'd like to contact her just let me know and I can put you in touch!

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