Travel Guide: Rome

At the beginning of the year I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful city of Rome with my two favourite travel companions. We like food and we like exploring so I thought I’d share our favourite things from our trip and some useful tips if you’re planning on visiting this beautiful city and of course there will be some photos in there too. 🙂

Things To Pack:

  1. Comfortable shoes I know what you’re probably thinking this is a pretty obvious one to start with but the best way to get around in Rome is by foot comfy shoes are essential. Leave your heels at home ladies your feet will thank you. Navigating those cobbled streets is hard enough in flats! (you’ll also be thankful to burn some extra calories the food is too good to turn down.)
  2. A Secure money wallet As with any city you’re going to get pick pockets free your hands up to carry your gelato and invest in something to wear under your clothes it’ll give you piece of mind.
  3. A Kaftan It’s the hight of summer and its terribly hot so you’ve thrown on your shorts and a vest top to go exploring. It’s important to remember to carry something to cover your shoulders and knees if you’re planning on visiting the vatican as they have strict rules regarding dress code. It’s a taxi ride away from the other sites so save yourself a wasted cab fair and carry something light to put on for your visit.
  4. A currency card These are brilliant because you can load them with as much money as you want and not have to worry about handling a lot of cash! If you shop around you can get great deals, most places will give you free cash withdrawals at ATMs and a better exchange rate if you change up more than £100. Check out the Caxton Card & The Post Office Travel Money Card I’ve used both and can fully recommend them.
  5. Your Camera obviously mines always attached to me when I’m out and about I love to document everything. Don’t miss your chance to capture your travels.. and when you get home print your pictures show those memories off 😀
  6. Sweat Pants: After a big meal you’ll be thankful you have something comfy to lounge in. I don’t travel without mine.
  7. Nappy sacks If you’re staying somewhere with old plumbing you’ll thank me for this one. They’ll save you a lot of blushes if you can’t flush.

Packing Tips:

  1. Roll don’t fold.
  2. Use travel vacuum bags. Check them out HERE.
  3. Stuff your socks into your shoes, they’ll keep there shape and it’ll save you space.
  4. Use packing squares.
  5. Leave your toiletries at home! Buy them when you get there. (this will also save a lot of hassle at security if your only taking carry on, its quicker and easier if you don’t have liquids.)
  6. Staying in an Air B&B? They’ll probably have a washing machine pack less clothes and take things you can mix and match and make the most of it. 🙂

Places To Visit:

  1. Coliseum: *Top Tip* There is a lot of street sellers & tour guides around the Coliseum and the Vatican book your tickets in advance to save yourself some time.
  2. Vatican: Be prepared as I mentioned in the packing tips section they have strict dress code at the vatican don’t get caught out plan before you go.
  3. Trevi Fountain: *Top Tip* visit at night the fountain is truly beautiful when its lit up.
  4. Mouth Of Truth: If you’ve seen A Roman Holiday you’ll recognise this landmark from when Audrey Hepburn visited. Question is will you be brave enough to put your hand in the mouth of truth? 😉
  5. The vintage shops of the Monti District: My friend Leslie loves a bargain and the vintage shops in Monti didn’t disappoint. Her leather satchel is now her favourite bag to travel with!
We were brave at the Mouth Of Truth and left with our hands still in tact! There was a queue but it moved quickly and its something you can do for free.
Picture Credit Claire’s Sweet Temptations.
Doing what I love most at the Coliseum.
Picture Credit: Claire’s Sweet Temptations
The Trevi Fountain. I only wish it wasn’t so busy I’d have loved to have spent some more time there.













Places To Eat:

  1. Bar MontiA great place to start your day, especially for all you coffee lovers out there the Cappuccino Viennese was one of my favourites and well worth a try.
  2. Pasta ChefAfter a long day sightseeing pop in here for take out. It’s the best pasta I’ve ever had! And you can eat it in the comfort of your Air B&B or Hotel Room. (*warning* stretchy pants are essential after eating here.) My order recommendation: Lasagne, Cesar Salad & Tiramisu.
  3. Pronto BakeryA great place to stop for a light lunch. *top tip* sit outside in the square its beautiful when the sun is shining.
  4. Gelateria S.M MaggioreWether it be gelato or Nutella Crepes you’re not got to be disappointed with this gem of a place. Great service and amazing puddings.. So good!
First Night meal from Pasta Chef. After this we refused to share it was just to good!
Picture Credit: Claire’s Sweet Temptations
Cappuccino Viennese… This pleased my inner coffee addict.
Because you have to have pizza when you go to Italy..
Picture Credit: Claire’s Sweet Temptations
Crepes on Pancake Day <3 Picture Credit: Claire’s Sweet Temptations.
Photo Credit: Claire’s Sweet Temptations
Picture Credit: Claire’s Sweet Temptations











Other Top Tips:

  1. Only used taxis you’ve booked don’t just jump in one on the street. Our Air B&B host offered to order for us as theres a lot of illegal taxis in Rome looking to take you for a ride.. Literally!
  2. Don’t get sucked in by the people on the streets near the main attractions trying to tempt you into their restaurants you’ll pay more than you should. Visit some of the places away from the tourist areas you won’t be sorry.. you’ll save money to spend on gifts and souvenirs.

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