A Vintage DIY Project

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A little background info..

So a couple of weeks back I had the crazy idea that I NEEDED to redecorate my bedroom, I had so much clutter and I was beginning to hate looking at my baby pink walls. So starting a fresh seemed like the best option, now don't get me wrong I still have a soft spot for the colour pink, however less is definitely more. I wanted a light airy shabby chic, vintage vibe instead, so I went on a mission to find the perfect colour which ended up being moonlight white. 

I was also desperate for storage, I have a small collection of vintage cameras (I know its a shocker! A photographer collecting cameras who'd have thought it.) that i wanted to display but I didn't want standard MDF crappy shelves that wouldn't last five minutes. So I lost myself on Pinterest for a few hours.. or a few days I lost count, but I know you do this too it's addictive! I decided that a vintage apple crate would be ideal as my bedside table. 

Project One: The bedside table

So my first project really didn't take much work. I just made sure to buy an apple crate with a divider.. Instant shelf and extra storage space! 

I ended up sourcing the crates from eBay after an unsuccessful trip around my local vintage shops. Well unsuccessful when it comes to crates I did end up adding to my camera collection that I mentioned earlier. (oops)



Before <-------


Doesn't this look ace!! I'm so happy with it, It's exactly what I wanted. 



After ------>


Project Two: The Shelves 

Now I had trouble finding shelving I liked, and I wasn't planning on using my second crate in the way,  but I was so glad when this was mentioned as an option. Here's how one crate became two shelving units. 

Step 1 

Saw the crate in half making sure you leave the shelves in tact. Make sure to cut down and edges that are sticking out on the part that doesn't have a back as you wont get them flush to the wall if you don't. 

Step 2

Attach brackets to the crates. I wouldn't recommend screwing straight into the crate as it may cause damage. 

Step 3

Measure and pencil in where you want the crates to go. Be sure to check they're level before you put any holes in your walls. There's no point giving yourself extra work, measure twice cut once. 

Step 4

Make it pretty!!! 



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